Cable Moore, Inc. is a HUB-ZONE certified woman owned business with locations in Texas, Northern and Southern California.

We specialize in all products for lifting, pulling and tying down. These products include, not limited to, wire rope, chain, fittings, hoists, cordage, wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chain slings and custom fabricated structural steel and lifting products.

The goal of our company is to help the customer get their rigging faster and assist in any technical matters for rigging to get the job done safely and efficiently. I

t is our belief that when Cable Moore, Inc. makes the process of getting custom made rigging products to our customers faster their overall business increases and their internal operations become more efficient.

As well as being able to meet the most demanding rigging needs, Cable Moore, Inc. also has a fully equipped machine shop able to design and manufacture the right metal products to get the project done from start to finish.

Supplying the vast needs of many industries is a task Cable Moore, Inc. has been willing to meet since we opened for business in 1986. Given the opportunity we are sure we are able to supply a quality product at a pace that will earn and maintain your business for years to come.
The wide variety of rigging and construction solutions. Cable Moore, Inc. fabricates and supplies include:
  Wire rope for all types of cranes  
  Wire rope slings up to 3” diameter  
  Alloy chain and chain slings  
  Synthetic flat and web rigging slings  
  Rigging hardware (shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, blocks and more)  
  Safety products (fall prevention harnesses, life lines, lanyards and more)  
  Custom fabricated and modified metal products  
  General use and hi-performance synthetic cordage for all applications  
  CAD equipped construction department specializing in guardrail applications, restrainer cable products and more  
  Quality controlled departments specializing in critical government applications as well as Dept. of Transporation.  
  Cable Moore, Inc. has the largest inventory of high-performance Metric ropes as well as domestic and foreign manufactured cable  
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