Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable, Guy & Bridge Strand, Wire Rope Slings
Hardware, Custom Cable Railing, Push-Pull Cables, Chokers, All Sizes & Construction
Structural Services
Metal Fabrication – Threading, Bending, Punching, Drilling, Milling, Screw Machines, Certified Welding; Clevis Rod Assemblies & Hardware, Angle Plates, Bearing Bars, Rods, Cal Trans Certified Seismic Restrainer Cables, Barrier Cables, Retrofit Cables, Fasteners: Grade 2 – Grade 8
Nylon, Poly Dac, Manila, Poly Pro, 3 Stand, Double Braid, 8 Stand, CHP Truck Rope, Splicing Services
Lifting & Handling Equipment
Shackles, Wire Rope Clips, Sockets, Hooks, Turnbuckles, Eyebolts, Eye Nuts, Padeyes, Snatch Blocks, Crane Blocks, Sheaves, Swivels, Alloy Chain, Sling, Chain Hoists
Proof Coil, High Test, Transport, Alloy Plated, Galvanized, Bright, Stainless, Anchor-Chain, Load Binders, Binder Assemblies, Lashing Chain, BBB, Cargo Restraint, Connecting Links
Safety Protection Equipment
Full Body Harness, Safety Belts, Lanyards, Manyards, Hard Hats, Eye Protection
Rental Equipment
Chain Falls, Come-a-longs, Wire Rope Reeling Machine, Trash Pumps, Generators, Hydraulic Swaging Tool
Architectural Cable Railing Systems
Commercial, Industrial, Residential Applications, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Coated Cable
Rigging Shop & Testing Facility
Featuring 300 – 1200 Ton Swage Presses, Rotary Swage Machines, Test Bed to 150 Ton Capacity, Hand Splicing of Wire Rope
Mobile Services
In-Field Swaging And Rigging Services:
Wire Rope Reeling Machine, Spelter Socket Pouring, Wire Rope Splicing, Wire Rope Installations, Wire Rope Pressure Lube System
Highway Services
Rod Restrainer, Cable Restrainer Retrofitting, Cable Hangers
Construction Support Equipment
Contractor Generators, Chop Saws, Trash Pumps, Chain Saws, Pressure Washers, Hoses, Accessories
Ship Services
Complete On-Board Rigging Services:
Weight Testing, Wire Slushing And Replacement, Block Re-Building & Replacement, Mooring Lines, Cargo Quadrennials, Below Deck Rigging Services
Yacht Rigging & Hardware
Stainless Steel – Marine Eyes, Forks, Stays, Lifelines, Threaded Studs, Rotary Swaging Services
Synthetic Webbing & Lifting Slings
1” – 12” Wide, 1-6 Ply Polyester Round Slings, Truck Tie Downs & Ratchet Straps, Boat Slings, Repair Services
Ironworker Tools
Featuring Klein Hand Tools – 7” Side Cutter Pliers, Bold Bags, Tool Pouches, Dikes, Wire Reels, Wooden Rulers, Rebar Hooks And Lanyards, Keels, Spud Wrenches, etc.
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